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Yoga Fundraisers Lead to Compassionate Giving

Inner Beauty Reflects Outwardly

Ever imagined you could combine your passions to make a difference in the world?

Here’s how Independent Beauty Consultant Kimberly Manthey paired her love for The Mary Kay Foundation℠ and her longstanding yoga practice to help women.

Initially taking up yoga as a tool for health, wellness and well-being 20 years ago, Kimberly now enjoys teaching yoga and leading retreats worldwide.

When Independent Sales Director Susan Hartman proposed tapping into yoga to support a cause they both love—The Mary Kay Foundation℠—Kimberly felt immediately inspired to teach. With support from Susan's generous unit, they held three donation-based yoga class fundraisers for the 13th annual Team Up for Women!® Challenge.

Independent Sales Directors from the McCoy Emeritus Area enthusiastically promoted the event. More than 40 eager yogis of all levels participated, giving a drop-in class amount of $10-$15 or more.

"We had a lot of fun, and it felt so fulfilling bringing women together in a purposeful way," shares Kimberly. "At each class, Susan explained how our Mary Kay® businesses brings women together and empowers them. We were thrilled the yoga sessions raised $600!"

Highlighting the Foundation's mission to end domestic violence, Courtney Olson, Kimberly's yoga student and the Executive Director of Rainbow House Domestic Abuse Services, Inc., presented a riveting account of that organization's work.

"I wanted to hold an event where beauty—inside and outside—could come together and we could show our customers that Mary Kay® is a Company that truly has a heart!" exclaims Susan.

"Thank you to our McCoy family who helped make this a success, while honoring the need and want for safety in all of us. We look forward to making an even bigger splash next year and in the years to come!"

And their giving has since gained more momentum.

Kimberly and Independent Beauty Consultant Marla Sunstrom recently visited the Rainbow House domestic violence shelter, treating the residents and staff to facial pampering sessions and a restorative yoga class.

They distributed more than 40 donated goodie bags filled with lip balms, nail polishes, cleansers and moisturizers. In addition, Kimberly's regular yoga students generously contributed another $700 to the shelter.

"This has been an incredibly meaningful experience for all of us," reflects Kimberly. "As the new year begins, I'm so looking forward to doing more of these events in the future!"

Ready to join in a yoga fundraiser class for the 13th annual Team Up for Women!® challenge!

More than 40 enthusiastic yogis of all levels participated during three classes.

Peaceful, restorative moments during class.

Independent Beauty Consultants Kimberly Manthey and Marla Sunstrom, and Independent Sales Director Susan Hartman champion generous giving.

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